What causes hormonal imbalances?

So many skin problems are linked to hormonal imbalances.  Our lifestyle and diet choices are over-stimulating acne producing hormones and TOR activators which are necessary for growth in children but end up stimulating acne and faster ageing in adults.

When told their skin problems are due to hormonal imbalances most people feel powerless and tend to resort to strong medical prescriptions when they would rather find natural solutions.  The good news is that healthy diet choices can suppress acne producing hormones and TOR enzyme production.

Easy lifestyle and nutrition steps to help reduce breakouts 

  1. Choose the correct facial skincare.  Don’t make the mistake of using over-drying products as they will compound the problem. The REN Clearcalm 3 range works because it is gentle yet really effective.  Kaolin clay and liquorice actives gently mop up sebum without irritating or being too astringent. Sulphur in the mask is a great skin healer.
  2. Reduce chemical overload.  Most women tend to use an average of 250 chemicals on their skin every day!  Choose products that let your skin breathe and do not overstress your metabolic organs such as the liver and kidneys.  Choose mineral make up from such brands as Lily Lolo, Jane Iredale or Inika.  Choose a natural deodorant such as the clever clay and essential oils based Soapwalla.
  3. Eat regularly to keep your blood sugar levels balanced throughout the day. Eliminate processed sugars and gluten-containing foods because they cause inflammation and increase insulin production which spurs breakouts.   It is worth getting the help of a nutritionist who will guide you through which foods you can eat. They will help you find out about the many exciting and delicious alternatives!
  4. Go dairy-free. In my Hair Testing practice, all of my acne-suffering clients have shown to be intolerant to milk.  Try plant-based alternatives such as almond, hemp or coconut milks.
  5. Use healthy fats.  Cook with coconut or avocado oils which can stand high temperatures without creating free radicals and use extra virgin olive, walnut or flax oils to add to your dressings. 
  6. Inflammation in the gut is directly linked with acne.  To calm inflammation, supplement with easily absorbed Omega 3’s from Krill oil and good quality probiotics. 
  7. Make sure you eliminate every day.  If you do not have one or two daily bowel movements, try adding psyllium husk to your juices or smoothies.  Eliminate through your skin with daily body brushing and finish your shower with intermittent hot and cold jets (ending with cold).  Both naturopathic techniques are amazing to stimulate your internal organs to release toxins naturally!
  8. Reduce body acidity.  Problem skin always starts with acidic skin.  The easiest way to alkalise is with 2 or 3 weekly baths into which you add a mug each of Epsom Salts and bicarbonate of soda. Soak for a minimum of 20 minutes, and let your body alkalise and replenish itself with healing minerals.
  9. Last but not least, drink more water, at least 1.5 to 2 litres every day.  It will help flush out toxins of your skin!

For skincare that really works try the Clearcalm 3 range from REN Skincare (www.renskincare.com
www.wholefoods.com for mineral make up and Soapwalla deodorant
Check Your local health food store for raw fermented vegetables and psyllium husk
www.nutrigold.co.uk for Krill Oil capsules
www.epsomsalts.co.uk for cheap supplies of Epsom Salts
www.buywholefoodsonline.co.uk for Bicarbonate of Soda in bulk quantities
Book your Resonance Hair Testing and Consultation with me on www.mariellealix.com or via www.anamaya.com. I also offer highly customized holistic facials that calm and treat your skin appropriately.  Together we make sure that you use the correct anti-inflammatory regimen in-between sessions.

 - Marielle Alix (Marielle is Head of Therapy and training at REN Skincare and a practitioner of Shiatsu, Naturopathic Nutrition and REN Facials at Anamaya)


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