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Welcome to the June edition of 'Wellbeing is...', where we bring you news and interesting information on health, wellness and the Anamaya Centre.

Featured this month, guest therapist Pascal Veraguth visiting from Switzerland, we also have dietitian Emma Little joining the Anamaya Team and our first open day in July, read on... 

Visiting Practitioner - Pascal Veraguth 
2 Weeks starting June 24th 

We are very pleased to welcome Pascal Veraguth to Anamaya for two weeks from June 24th to July 5th.

Pascal, originally from Switzerland, is visiting from Bali. He draws on a combination of Occidental and Oriental healing techniques in his passion to help clients find their inner balance, mentally, physically and spiritually. Pascal will draw from his considerable bank of skills including Shamanic Healing, Qi Gong Massage, traditional Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing and Acupressure to provide a treatment tailored to each individuals needs.

Call reception to make your appointment to meet this unique healer.

Read more about Pascal on our website.

Introducing Dietitian Emma Little 

We are always looking to add highly trained professional therapists to our roster for the benefit of our clients and to that end we are very excited to announce that from July, dietitian Emma Little will be joining the Anamaya team. 

Based at London Dietitians, with several clinics around London and now expanding their practice to Anamaya, Emma will be available on Wednesdays to assist with all your diet and nutritional needs.

Direct access to a professional dietitian whenever you need it!

Anamaya Open Day - Saturday July 27th  
Saturday July 27th 10am - 2pm

Do you ever get bewildered at the vast array of therapies that are on offer? Confused as to what might be right for you, worried about who it is who is practicing these therapies?

Well, we have decided to throw open our doors for a day to allow you to come in and explore. To meet the practitioners, talk to them, perhaps have a small sample of what they offer. Energy Healing? Reiki? Reflexology? Deep Release Bodywork? Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture? What on earth is all this, and how can they help me?

Come in, have a cup of tea, and meet the practitioners, and find out how your life can be made just that little bit better.

Psss... Save the date!

REN Skincare have a special treat for Anamaya clients on July 18th, find out more here


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