Bitchy resting Face ... Really?

Bitchy Resting Face?’ I say, wiping tears of laughter from my eyes. ‘You have got to be kidding me.’

‘No,’ her face is growing stern (not bitchy). ‘I need to know if I have Bitchy Resting Face.’

My business partner, hitherto of relatively sound mind, now with something called Bitchy Resting Face?

‘Come on, everyone is talking about this. When my face is relaxed, do I look like a bitch?'

Another paroxism of laughter sweeps over me. Dangerously, her expression is becoming further and further from relaxed. I cannot help myself.

'So, when you are relaxed,' I gasp, 'some evil demon bitch takes over your face?' I giggle again. 'Where does she hide at other times?'

She holds me with a baleful gaze. I struggle for equanimity.

‘When your face is relaxed,’ I manage, ‘when your face is relaxed, you look just like, well,’ I stifle a sob of laughter, ‘You look just like you.’

I recover over some time and a glass of water, waves of laughter becoming less frequent. She looks on patiently (well, sort of patiently), before explaining.

Bitchy Resting Face, for those of you who do not know and who wish to be edified on the electifyingly ridiculous, is apparently an affliction where your face at rest shows an expression that is, well, bitchy.

It has just that dangerous little bit of attraction, something that in a weak moment might sound sensible. But does it? Really? Can you really hate your face? Should you really try to ‘fix’ it?

Come on, guys - our facial expressions reflect our moods. Get over it.

If you are feeling happy, you will reflect that in 'happy face'. If you are troubled or grumpy or sad, you will look troubled or grumpy or sad - grumpy face, sad face.

And if you are at rest totally, you are at rest, totally. You are you, neither happy nor sad, not giggly or morose. And not ever bitchy.

You are not going to fix a bad mood even if you get your face lifted so high your navel becomes an interesting dimple on your chin. And that mood will still be reflected in whatever remains of your face - and, for that matter, in the rest of your body.

Feel miserable, look miserable. Feel like a grumpy bitch, look like a grumpy bitch. Even in Prada. It’s pretty simple.

We all have a measure of problems in our lives, we all have a measure of bother. A fellow in the 9th Century said, amongst other cools things, ‘If you can fix the problem, what’s the point of worrying about it? If you cannot fix the problem, what’s the point of worrying about it?’

We have various types of help at Anamaya for problems, to help you address your measure of bother in your life; psychotherapy, Body Memory Therapy, bodywork, meditation, and of course the Intensive. Don’t get stuck in a mood - it will show in your face.

And never, ever hate your face!


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